About ShopFree

About ShopFree

ShopFree was founded in 1999 by Brendan Yell after spotting loads of free samples at a Melbourne radio station. Like all Internet companies, he saw a way that samples and offers could be delivered more efficiently by sending them only to people who actually were interested in them.

Since the launch in 1999, ShopFree has been featured in magazines, radio and tv all over Australia & the world. We have featured on Today Tonight, ACA, The Derryn Hinch Show, The Australia, Money Mag, Sunday Telegraph, The Age, The Morning Show and more.

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In 2003, Brendan was able to acquire the name ShopFree.com which enabled ShopFree to expand to the USA. Since then ShopFree has expanded to many more countries including the UK, New Zealand, South Africa, India and Canada.

Over that time ShopFree has formed partnerships with News Limited, Shop a Docket, Google and many many more.

Advertisers have included Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Dove, Olay, Heinz, Masterfoods, Teflon, Kraft and many more