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ShopFree is the world’s number 1 directory of all things free on the internet. 

ShopFree has connected millions of people with the best free offers, free samples & free stuff available. 

We always put the time, money and privacy of our members first. This is based on 3 main things. 

  • We test every offer we promote
  • We inspect the privacy policy of the offer
  • We look for any hidden catches
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Founded in 1999 by Brendan Yell, ShopFree.com originated from an idea sparked by observing free samples at a Melbourne radio station. Brendan envisioned a more efficient method of distributing samples and offers, targeting only those genuinely interested.
Initially launched in Australia, ShopFree gained significant media attention with features on CNBC, Today Tonight, ACA, The Derryn Hinch Show, The Australia, Money Mag, Sunday Telegraph, The Age, The Morning Show, and others. More on this can be found in the Media Appearances section. In 2003, the acquisition of ShopFree.com facilitated expansion into the USA, followed by growth into the UK, New Zealand, South Africa, India, and Canada. This expansion established ShopFree.com as a leader in the freebie category worldwide. ShopFree.com has evolved over two decades, adapting to user needs while maintaining its mission to offer a comprehensive and reliable directory of free products and services. This long-standing market presence underscores its commitment and expertise in this niche. The website has formed partnerships with entities like News Limited, Shop a Docket, Google, and many more. Advertisers on the platform have included major brands such as Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Dove, Olay, Heinz, Masterfoods, Teflon, Kraft, among others. ShopFree.com features a user-friendly interface with clear categories such as free samples, complimentary services, trial offers, open-source software, and educational resources. Its commitment to quality is evident in the rigorous vetting of each listing, ensuring legitimacy and value. This process distinguishes ShopFree.com from other freebie sites by building trust and reliability. The website is regularly updated with new offers, and users can subscribe to email alerts for the latest listings. Additionally, ShopFree.com offers valuable insights and tips for maximizing the benefits of free offers, including guides on avoiding scams and understanding terms and conditions. The interactive community feature allows users to share reviews and ratings, fostering informed decision-making and camaraderie. The blog section provides additional resources, including money-saving tips and reviews of free products and services. For businesses, ShopFree.com presents an opportunity to showcase free products and services to a targeted audience, aiding visibility and customer base expansion, especially for new or growing businesses. In summary, ShopFree.com is a leading online destination for exploring free products and services, offering a comprehensive and trustworthy experience for both new and seasoned freebie enthusiasts.   We use Skimlinks Test.